The innate desire of every woman is to own Gold Jewellery. For Omkar customers, we have put together a great Gold Saving Scheme. A Monthly Saving Scheme which will inspires your passionate desires to own gold Jewellery. An opportunity to "Turn Your Aspirations Desire into Reality".

For monthly deposits beginning with a minimum of Rs. 1000 till 12 months. So on maturity, you can purchase jewellery worth Rs. 13000. Deposits should be for a minimum of Rs. 1000 and multiples thereof upto Rs. 12000 in 12 months & You get Rs. 1000/- extra.

A Monthly Saving Scheme wherein you pay in easy instalments and "Get Benefited at the End". It gives you the flexibility to buy your Gold jewellery in a planned way thus adding value to your purchase. You pay 12 monthly easy instalments and get 1 month instalment absolutely FREE on Gold Jewellery.



  • The minimum amount to be invested is Rs. 1000 only to enrol in this scheme.
  • If you miss an instalment then you can pay the missed instalment in the next month but the maturity date of your jewellery purchase would be postponed by the same number of days of your missed instalment. You get to buy your jewellery on the maturity of your scheme.

On Gold Jewellery Purchase

12 monthly instalments + 1 months instalments free

Gold Saving Scheme (12+1)
Investment Amount No. of Months Total Amount Bonus @ end of the scheme Total Amount @ end of the scheme
500 12 6000 500 6500
1000 12 12000 1000 13000
2000 12 24000 2000 26000
3000 12 36000 3000 39000
4000 12 48000 4000 52000
5000 12 60000 5000 65000
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  • The customer can purchase Gold under this scheme.
  • You can plan your purchase for your Special Occasions like Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, etc.
  • You can choose gold Jewellery from the showroom of Omkar Jewellers.


    Not only can you plan your jewellery purchases much in advance, your savings will fetch you better returns than other saving options.
    You can use this scheme to plan for many special events. You can buy 22 Karat pure gold jewellery which has been designed on international method and crafted by expert karigars.

To enjoy these benefits... and many more, enroll now!


Bank name : AIXS BANK LTD.

A/C Name : Omkar Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.

A/C No : 2010 1020 0007 665

IFS Code : UTIB0000201