• Discount benefit: At the end of the scheme, you will be eligible for a special discount of flat 10% off on diamond jewellery or flat 10% off on making charges or wastage charges of gold jewellery. This is besides the gold grams booking benefit.
  • Flexibility: This scheme allows you the flexibility of deciding your installment value each time you pay (minimum 2,000/- and multiples of 1,000/-) and the date you wish to pay the installment. You need to pay minimum once in a month, but you can pay any number of times in that month. However, if you miss paying for a month, you will not get the discount benefit.
  • Planning: This is an extremely beneficial scheme to plan for a wedding or any other long-term purchase. This well-planned scheme allows you to easily planning for a large jewellery purchase without a sudden cash outflow.
  • Risk Protection: This scheme lets you book your grams now; hence you are protected against the fluctuations in gold rate over the next 1 year (based on the gold rate trend so far).
  • Anuttara Membership: All members of Swarna Laxmi Scheme will also be entitled to a permanent membership of our loyalty club - Anuttara.


  • Gold Coins and Silver Coins cannot be redeemed under the Swarna Laxmi Scheme.
  • Customers of Swarna Laxmi Scheme will not be eligible for any bonus or interest for the amount paid by them, under the terms of the scheme.
  • Discount will not be valid on studded Solitaire jewellery and Solitaries.
  • Gold grams will be frozen at the applicable of 22Kt (916) gold rate.
  • Cash refunds (during or after the scheme), will not be possible under the Omkar Swarna Laxmi Scheme under any circumstances.
  • Only cash, credit and debit card payments are allowed as the modes of payment under this scheme.
  • Any prematurity/pre-closure will amount to a 10% deduction in value (of the credit note generated).
  • Inter-boutique transfers of the Swarna Laxmi Scheme accounts cannot be done.
  • Making charges, labour and wastage, stone charges, VAT etc. will be charged as applicable.

mkar Jewellers reserves the right to alter, amend, add or delete part or whole of the privileges of the scheme without prior notice.

Omkar Jewellers is the sponsor of the scheme and reserves the right to suspend the scheme at any time. In such event, the member may purchase any item at the store, equal to the value of the money accumulated in the account as on the day.


You can also invest in the following two schemes at Omkar Jewellers. More than 12 Lakh members have invested in these schemes that make jewellery purchase easier than ever!

THE 12 + 1 PLAN*:

Under this scheme, you need to invest a fixed amount every month with Omkar Jewellers for 11 months. The 12th month installment is added by Omkar Jewellers. Which means you can buy for more than what you have paid.

Scheme Type 12+1
You Pay Rs. 3,000/-
No. of months 12
Total Paid 12 x 3,000 = 36,000/-
You Get* Rs. 3,000/-
Total Amount Rs. 39,000/-
Time Period After 12 Months
Advantage Discount – 100% of the Monthly Installment.
Conditions Apply*

Some things never change. One of them is the importance of gold in an Indian family – a symbol of pride, an investment, a piece of heritage or an adornment for the real jewels of the family – its women.

At Omkar, we understand the value of jewellery for an Indian family, the importance it holds in our lives and the investments that go with it. That's why, we bring you another innovative savings scheme – 'Omkar Swarna Laxmi Scheme'.


Swarna Laxmi Scheme is a flexible, 1-year savings scheme designed especially with the wedding customers in mind. This scheme will also help protect you against the rising gold rates.

Under this scheme, you can book grams of gold every month for 12 months against the amount you are comfortable with - an installment of minimum Rs. 2,000/- and thereafter in multiples of Rs. 1,000/- at the existing gold rate. At the end of 12 months, you can redeem the grams booked in the form of jewellery at the gold rate applicable at the time of redemption.


Ultimate is a Multi

For example: you start investing on 1st Jan 14.

1st Installment : 1st Jan 2014.

Amount Invested (Suppose) : Rs. 20,000/-

(Assuming) Gold Rate Per Gram on 1st Jan' 13 : Rs. 2,000/-

Therefore, Grams Booked : 10gms

(Total Amount / Gold Rate Per Gram)

2nd Installment : 5th Feb 2014.

Amount Invested (Can Change Every Time) : Rs. 10,000/-

(Assuming) Gold Rate Per Gram on 15th Feb' 13 : Rs. 2,200/-

Grams Booked : 4.54gms

You Redeem

This process continues till the last installment in December 2014 – one year from the date of joining. Assuming that in 12 months, you've booked 100 grams, this is how you can redeem it:

Date of Redemption : 1st Jan 2015.

Total Grams Booked : 100 grams

(Assuming) Gold Rate as on 1st Jan' 14 : Rs. 3,000/-

Total Value of redemption : Rs. 3,00,000/-

*All calculations are based on assumptions taken and might actually be different from actuals.

Thus, you can purchase jewellery worth 3,00,000/- or more on 1st Jan 2015. (Whereas, you might have paid much lesser at different gold rates through the 12 months).


Bank name : AIXS BANK LTD.

A/C Name : Omkar Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.

A/C No : 2010 1020 0007 665

IFS Code : UTIB0000201